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September 14, 2009

The Slingshot: A Future Solution for Clean Water?

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Most people know of Dean Kamen as the inventor of the Segway. However, he has been involved in the creation of many great medical devices and other useful items. Now, he’s working on a machine that will purify water.

Here are some excerpts from a recent article found on CNN’s website:

If you listen to inventor Dean Kamen, the biggest health problem facing the world today is not AIDS, obesity or malnutrition. It’s a shortage of water.

Water is the most abundant resource on the planet, yet less than one percent of the Earth’s freshwater supply is readily available to drink, according to the World Health Organization. Lack of accessible or clean drinking water, exacerbated by drought, is crippling communities in many developing countries.

The Slingshot boils, distills and vaporizes the polluted source, in turn delivering nothing but clean water to the other side. And it does it all on less electricity than it takes to run a hair dryer.

“The biggest challenge right now between this being a dream and a reality is getting committed people that really care about the state of the world’s health to get involved,” Kamen says.

The world’s population is quickly approaching 7 billion, making access to clean water that much more important. According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF, more than 3.5 million people die every year from water-related diseases and almost 900 million don’t have access to a safe water supply.

He says one Slingshot machine can supply about 250 gallons of water a day, which is enough for 100 people.

While it doesn’t look as if the Slingshot will be available in effective quantities in the very near future, it is an exciting technology that certainly should be monitored.

If you are interested in helping to solve the drinking water crisis that is so prevalent in West Africa, we would encourage you to give us a call at 888-771-8717 or email us. One of the primary focuses of our upcoming journey is to provide the means and methods necessary to provide clean drinking water to people who currently do not have access to it throughout West Africa.