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Why become a member? Members of Purposeful Africa stay in touch with ongoing opportunities, emerging ministry goals and ideas, and are informed when we line up Christian leaders, speakers, and pastors. Members have access to specific discussions (also called chats), including but not limited to: orphan care, medical/dental outreach, sponsorship, broadcasting and media (in third world countries) and evangelism and training. Members help other members by offering their voice, their expertise and ideas throughout these [private] discussions.

Members keep a pulse on what is happening in the areas of outreach and ministry as well as Bible inspired travel opportunities through regular newsletters.

How to become a member: contact XXX for more information about becoming a member. Put “Member Inquiry” in the subject line and please include your contact information. If you have traveled with us, or are registered to join us, please include the previous trip taken and let us know which specific forums you wish to join.