Ministry Opportunities

Ministry Opportunities—Ways to Get Involved

Our goal is to partner with organizations, churches and you to achieve God’s desire for West Africa. We offer organization, logistics, resources, and a unified support system to aid in accomplishing your goals, your passion, and your ministry. Our desire is to help in providing the vehicle and the doorway for your ministry to experience, explore, and spread the Word of God throughout Africa and beyond.

As we get closer to our departure, the list of projects will be more detailed and fine-tuned as the ministries, churches and organizations share their needs. Local African churches, lay organizations, and established ministries are looking for people with talent and expertise to partner with them in God’s work. Will you join us and see God at work? Perhaps God is calling you to engage in various ways in the heart of Africa. We pray that you will join us! Some of the ministry partners and churches have identified a few areas where they are working:

  • Working in orphan out reach
  • Having our ship provide respite to long term missionary groups and medical teams
  • Having our ship as a floating fully equipped classroom
  • Working and teaching in local community health programs
  • Assisting in the building needs of clinics, churches, schools, and homes
  • Mentoring and providing consultation for medical and dental clinics
  • Assisting and helping mentor or create micro-and mid-enterprise projects
  • Assisting in business as a mission projects and mentoring
  • Water and engineering initiatives
  • Serving for a few days onboard with Mercy Ships or other in-country ministries
  • Teaching broadcasting and other media in country
  • Writing, marketing, and public relations both pre and post event
  • Discipleship, evangelism and exhortation


Share the Vision of Purposeful Africa with Others

We are so thankful for your involvement and enthusiasm about participating in Purposeful Africa. Please feel free to share your excitement with others. Below are some suggested ways to expose others to exciting ministry possibilities that Purposeful Africa offers:

Ministries: Expose people to your VISION so they can join you! Request a webinar to learn more.

Media: Get the word out to encourage God’s people to use their gifts.
Churches: Help your congregation and friends use their talents and gifts to work where God is working.

You: Fulfill God’s plan in the Great Commission! We need your time, talent, resources, and relationships! Join, volunteer, and encourage your friends and church to join too!