Mission Statement

Mission Statement of Purposeful Africa

Purposeful Africa provides an opportunity for caring individuals to visit a unique area of impoverished West Africa in order to put Calling into Action with various ministries already serving the many needs there.

Purposeful Africa is providing a 226 passenger vessel to make several trips to bless West Africa with supplies, medical staff, loving people, and hope to assist the West African people, their churches and the ministries already in action. We are praying for people with vision, talent, experience, and influence to partner with us. Is this you? If so, please join us!

Purposeful Africa gives you a chance to visit the most compelling land in the world and become as engaged as you want. You can visit, select, or map out sites for future mission work or join the existing Ministry Opportunities. Our goal is to increase access to Africa, while providing quality transportation, security, and seamless planning.

On this 370 foot ship, you can also comfortably explore the legendary history of Africa’s roots, visit winding river communities, and see firsthand the hard realities faced daily by people born in these areas and put your Compassion into Action. On any of the various planned trips you will have the opportunity to offer help and hope to those in need, and partner with local and international ministries.

Please pray about joining Purposeful Africa today.