Your Home on the Water—Capacity & Hospitality

The ship’s capacity is 140 to 250 guests in addition to the crew. Each segment will have passengers along with the crew, trainers, teachers, African Nationals, embassy staff, and long term missionaries and workers that will use the ship as respite.

The passenger cabins range from deluxe view suites with DVD players, iPods, and amenities, to standard inside and outside cabins. Guests will choose their own distinct accommodations and services onboard. Each cabin accommodates 1 to 4 participants. We have 2 handicapped qualified cabins. The ship’s general services include a restaurant, library, spa, workout facility, entertainment, room service, western medical facility, extra security teams, plus added space for other participants located in Africa. All meals will be taken on the ship or from the ship, including picnic lunch boxes when off the ship. The ship has meeting space for up to 375 in the main lounge with multiple breakout rooms for training and teachings. There is additional space on the ship specifically designed for additional supplies and equipment. In tandem with the main ship, there will be a flotilla of smaller privately owned yachts that will use our ship as home base. These smaller ships and boats will venture out into more distant coastal areas, rivers, and tributaries. We will work with and dine with many of these individuals, adding to the richness of experiences, conversations, and fellowship.

If you are a boating enthusiast and would like to be involved in some of these distant outreaches, please contact us to see how you can be involved. We are looking for people with experience who want to get involved in Purposeful Africa.